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Advertising Without the Irritating Ads

Kind Ads is an advertising platform that serves user-friendly ads without taking any middleman fees.

With Kind Ads, not only do advertisers save money, but publishers keep more of it.

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Meet a new era of marketing

Here's how Kind Ads is going to make the Internet kind again.

  • Kind Ads Less Spam

    Less spam

    By removing the ad network, publishers can now control what's on their website.

  • Kind Ads Friendly User Experience

    Friendly user experience

    By leveraging technologies like push notifications and email, advertisers no longer have to irritate users.

  • Kind Ads Paid Instanly

    Get paid instantly

    Publishers don't have to wait months before they get paid now.

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Advertising without the irritating ads

Kind Ads will show you more relevant ads through channels like email marketing and push notifications so you can browse the web without being bombarded by irrelevant ads.

Internet Users


Display ads that help your website visitors

Are banner ads ruining your website's experience? Now you can start showing users relevant ads through push notifications and emails that don't irritate users. Plus you'll get paid instantly.



Create ads that convert while saving money

Are you tired of rising ad costs? A large portion of your ad dollars is going to a middleman. You can now save money by cutting out the middleman.



Focus on your campaigns, let us take care of your integrations with top publishers.

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