The Kind Ads Executive Team

The Kind Ads Executive Team

  • Saulo Medeiros

    Saulo Medeiros

    CEO & CO-Founder

    Saulo is the co-founder of NPBR International LTDA, an agency that helps large corporations with their digital marketing needs. Currently they help their clients spend over $100,000,000 dollars a year on marketing.

  • Rafael Mayrink

    Rafael Mayrink

    COO & Co-founder

    Rafael is the co-founder and Director of Operations at NPBR International LTDA. Rafael makes sure that the company has proper operational and administrative controls, and reporting structure.

  • Jaime Sánchez

    Jaime Sánchez


    Jaime is a full stack developer. He is an IT professional and entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience. He worked at Microsoft for 12 years helping top companies in Latin America create scalable cloud architectures.

Advisors & Evangelists

  • Neil Patel

    Neil Patel

    Neil Patel is the founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar, and KISSmetrics, and founder of QuickSprout. He helps companies like Amazon, NBC, GM, HP and Viacom grow their revenue.

  • Saber Aria

    Saber Aria

    Saber is the co-founder of Blockchain World Conferences, the co-founder of Blockchain World Conferences and a partner at Prime Block Capital.

  • Trevor Koverko

    Trevor Koverko

    Trevor is the founder and CEO of Polymath, a company bringing securities to the blockchain. He is a serial entrepreneur with two technology startup exits. He was also an original advisor/investor to the Ethereum project.

  • Nadav Dakner

    Nadav Dakner

    Nadav is a veteran online marketer and a serial entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of InboundJuction, an established digital marketing firm. As a digital influencer and a crypto expert, he also advises Blockchain startups and ICOs on marketing, operations, and business development.

  • Jay Westerdal

    Jay Westerdal

    Jay is the founder of Domain Tools (acquired by Trought Convergence, Inc). Jay is an active startup advisor and investor. He currently spends his time acquiring and growing companies.

  • Jonathan Cronstedt

    Jonathan Cronstedt

    Jonathan is the President of Kajabi, a leading publishing platform where people can create and monetize websites. Kajabi users have sold over $300M of digital products via their platform. Prior to Kajabi, Jonathan was the General Manager of Digital Learning at Success Magazine and he was the CEO of Digital Marketer.

  • Eric Siu

    Eric Siu

    Eric is the founder of Single Grain, a digital marketing agency that helps companies such as Uber, SalesForce, TurboTax, KitchenAid, Random House, Sony Pictures, and Nordstrom grow.

  • Caio Beleza

    Caio Beleza

    Caio is a partner of NPBR International LTDA, an ad agency focused on the Latin America market. He is in charge of operations and making sure companies grow their revenue through digital marketing.

The Core Team

  • Enrique Chávez

    Enrique Chávez

    Lead Developer

    Enrique is the CTO of Blockliss, a full stack and blockchain consulting company. He is a full stack developer with over 15 years of experience including Solidity, JS, jQuery JSON, Python, MySQL.

  • Keith Lindner

    Keith Lindner

    Product Manager

    Keith has an extensive background in management, particularly with digital marketing products such as HelloBar. He has the leadership skills and experience to bring the Kind Ads platform to life.

  • Jason Caldwell

    Jason Caldwell

    Web Designer

    Jason is a highly talented web designer whose work has been featured on sites like Mashable, The Atlantic, Fast Company, Business Insider, PCWorld, Forbes, ReadWriteWeb and many others.

  • Jeremy Hood

    Jeremy Hood

    Operations Manager

    Jeremy received his formal education in accounting and real world education in marketing and management in the retail space. Since 2016 he has been focused on digital marketing with an emphasis on blockchain technologies.

  • Vasil Azarov

    Vasil Azarov

    Growth Manager

    Vasil is the found of the ever so popular Growth Marketing Conference that has been in Forbes, Huffington Post and Inc. Vasil spends his time investing in the people behind startups by creating this best-practice-focused event.

  • Leury Pichardo

    Leury Pichardo

    Marketing Manager

    Leury has over 10 years experience in digital marketing. He has in-depth expertise in developing and implementing various marketing strategies. He eats, sleeps and breathes digital marketing and crypto.

  • Ken Roberts

    Ken Roberts

    Director of M&A & Partnerships

    Ken leads marketing teams for technology startups that have been acquired by Cisco, IGT, and Wired Investors. He has helped scale over a dozen online publishers and a six figure agency.

  • Quinn Huffman

    Quinn Huffman

    Investor Relations

    Quinn comes from a strong IT background and has worked for some of the largest companies in North America. He has worked as a database developer and IT specialist in the education, medical and banking sectors